Andi Wilkinson Belinda Mustoe

WordCamp Manchester 2017

8th November 2017

There’s nothing like a good old WordCamp and ‘up Norf’ we pride ourselves on good old Northern hospitality. This year marked another year for WordCamp Manchester at Manchester’s Metropolitan University. Around three hundred attendees came…

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Singapore Under My Skin

25th September 2017

This month, I boldly went where no one in my family has ever been before. Singapore.  It was a trade mission organised by Enterprise Nation which took a delegation of company directors to various locations in…

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From Malaga to Barcelona With Kids In The Car

1st May 2017

Why do I always get these hair brained schemes? Always I create these perfect visions in my head that turn out to be something completely different. Maybe it’s because once a few months pass, the…

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lost me mum

Losing your mum sucks big time 

27th January 2017

Does losing your mum ever get any easier? It’s been almost six weeks and I feel so inadequately qualified to answer that question. I’ve stumbled across every walk of person with every type of attitude….

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Loadsa Wool crochet

My January Creative Obsessions. Crochet.

26th January 2017

I have always loved to crochet and knit. When my daughter was born five years ago, I was knitting blankets and toys. When she became a toddler, I started to crochet because the toolkit was…

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Me at Number 10 Downing Street

I go to Number 10 Downing Street. Get Me!

31st March 2016

So I was actually invited to go the the Prime Ministers house, (Number 10 Downing Street in case anyone had forgotten where he lives) and talk to Niamh Mulholland, Business Engagement Manager at the Prime Minister’s…

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google uk day

Google UK with the JamFam.

26th November 2015

On this gloomy Manchester morning we set off to Google. The CreativJam team, Danny, Jess and I, lovingly nicknamed the JamFam,  jumped on the Pendolino from Manchester to Euston. On the train we met a lady who…

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scarf crafting mad

I go crafting mad and take up crochet.

29th November 2014

I’ve gone crafting mad. I read about this fifteen minutes per day thing, where I decided I would be really super creative for for exactly fifteen minutes per day. So much has changed since last…

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isla mummy blog post

A Mummy Blog Post.

31st October 2014

This is one of those horrid mummy blog posts. I realise I am starting to write more of them and I need to get out more! Dreaded Mummy Blog October went by without any real…

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