lullaboo baby logo

The Lullaboo Baby Logo

16th September 2010

I have been working on a few ideas for a pram store called Lullaboo Baby and I just wanted to share them here. The online store wanted a more up to date logo producing. Here…

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Proman Logo

Proman Logo. Just a few ideas

15th March 2010

This is an overhaul of a logo I am working on for Proman Systems Limited. The Client wanted to keep true to the logo they had used for many years prior, but they felt that…

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The Trip festival andi wilkinson

How I created The Trip Festival Artwork

25th January 2010

My friend Paula called and asked If I could help with her project, The Trip Festival. The Festival will be a family friendly folk festival by the sea. Paula wanted to know if I could…

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my bookshelves

Bookshelves & New Beginnings.

16th November 2009

*Legacy*. This is an ancient blogpost about staring at my bookshelves but it really marks the start of my journey with actual¬†web development Ive been staring at my bookshelves CSS PPP Drupal BYOB LOL. –…

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a fairy illustration by andi wilkinson

A little fairy

23rd June 2006

I created this fairy illustration using pen & paper, a scanner and photoshop. When doing any kind of digital illustration I start with a pen and paper. Despite the fact my paper efforts usually look…

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