A Drive Through Beautiful Andalucia With an IPhone

Plain and simple, this is the most beautiful drive I have ever been on in my life, in Beautiful Andalucia. This is in Sierra De Las Nieves Natural Park. We met with friends one day who lived up in Ronda and we met at Ronda & they drove us into the mountains. it was a stormy day. We decided to take the drive ourselves a couple of days later. these are some snaps from along the way. And they were only taken with an iPhone 4S.

I recall at one point we looked up towards a huge mountain and as we kept on driving and driving along windy paths, we realised we were looking down on the same mountain and it was no more than a hill. we were higher up than the summit of Ben Nevis at this point.

I would love to go  back and visit Seville and Granada.

Why they call it Beautiful Andalucia

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