Baby Girl

4d scan Isla Wilkinson a baby girl

We are having a baby girl!

I just wanted to write a quick update here about life and our baby girl news. Things are going as well as they can be! In May, We went to London for our first anniversary, yes Matthew and I have been together for a full year now, I can hardly believe where it’s gone. We met up with my lovely friend Sabrina for a few cocktails. No cocktails for me though. We had a great catch up anyway.

For anyone who has been pregnant and suffers from SPD, I was only ten weeks in. I recall thinking “My legs are really starting to hurt” & we were walking down the Southbank and I had to stop and sit because I couldn’t walk any further. I was only ten weeks in so I have no idea why it felt like this already. It didn’t twig till a lot later on.

We visited lots of tube stops, Hamley’s, The British Museum amongst other things. I can walk all day in the city, but I was hobbling like a ninety year old!

For anyone wondering what the hell SPD Is: Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) is a problem with the pelvis. Your pelvis is formed of two pubic bones that curve round to make a cradle shape. The pubic bones meet at the front of your pelvis, at a firm joint called the symphysis pubis.

We are engaged!

So it happened. After Matthew proposed to me after me repeatedly telling him he needed to propose to me 🙂

He saw me looking at a pretty solitaire in York & decided he would buy it for me then and there. Matthew and I are just back to front. I got pregnant. Then we went on our honeymoon. Finally Matt proposed.  I worried there would be no chance of honeymoon after a baby came, so I booked a late deal in Rhodes. Its the first time I have ever been on a sun holiday and the first time I have been away without the boys. – I really want to come back with the whole family. I had a great time.

The pregnancy is going well & i am 25 weeks now. everything is healthy. I went for a scan and it’s a baby girl! The SPD is still painful and I am about to start a school placement.

And now, here are photos of our little daughter to be! – We decided to find out and I cried when I did. – She has now become a little person and I can’t wait to meet her. I already think she looks like Matthew. You may think she looks like an alien. I don’t care. We went to a company called Babybond in Manchester It was a great experience. I recommend it. Only if you are pregnant though.

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