Secondary PGCE Application Combobulation

Posted on 14th May 2009 by Andi Wilkinson

Time to read: 4 minutes

So today was stressful. I tried and I tried and I tried to get the essay done for my interview for my secondary pgce at Edge Hill I was grinding my teeth, staring blankly at a monitor and things like that.  I think I had it all finished by around eleven thirty.  Even then i had a power point presentation to do. I had lost the plot by this time and I knew I couldn’t pull it off.

So, I bypassed admissions and then wrote directly to the tutor.

Please take me on your secondary pgce

“Dear Clare, I have an interview for the flexible PGCE at the above date. We spoke on the phone. I received the letter on Saturday May 9th.  On Monday I contacted the University and I explained that I was working on a community project. The project culminating in a magazine that must go to print on Friday. Furthermore, there was no chance of rescheduling as the printing depends on the deadline. Admissions told me if I did not attend I would not be able to interview again. (Drama!)

Then I explained I would try to find an alternative plan. I mentioned I do already have the higher PGCE at level 2 for FE. I have a computing degree and I have been teaching graphics and multimedia for several years. I’d love the opportunity to bridge to QTS with a secondary PGCE.

I understand I may have to start late and I am happy to do this.

Claire replied immediately. “Hello Andonette We’re interviewing next Tuesday (19th) at 10am. Are you able to make this date? Kind regards Peter.”

I will never trust admissions again so I went home and drank wine.

My Interview

I went for the interview and it went well. We started with a group interview. As a group we discussed an article. The theme of the discussion asked if the internet was too restricted in a classroom.

We were split into smaller groups and put on a hot seat. We were posed questions and we had to answer as if to an eleven year old. Since the other candidates spoke like they were speaking to a professor. I know I did the best at this task.

Next, we were asked to write side of A4 about what we had discussed in the group scenario. So I took my pen and jotted down a lovely little argument well presented. I placed my final full stop at the end of the sentence. While I was doing this, the tutor called ‘ finish your sentence please’. Brilliantly orchestrated!

Scary Individual Interview

So I waited for an hour and then it was time for my individual interview. The one I had the presentation for. “oh do you have a presentation? the tutor asked casually. “It’s not a big deal, just five minutes.”

Thank god I hadn’t spent hours on it or I would have been really mad! So, I presented the information on my skills. The tutor said “Oh thanks, I always forget to ask for this and its really important!”.  Then she had to wrap up and so I felt quite dismissed. She did say I had a strong background and I gave good answers. It was a good result and so all that prep should stand me in good stead for secondary PCGE

Back to Azeroth

Finally, In the evening I went to Janes for tea and just relaxed there with everyone. By that I mean that they all played WoW and I kind of did nothing. I think my brain had melted so it was good to just vegetate.

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