Alone with the baby. What Do I Do?

alone with the baby

This is my first day alone with the baby. I Had a mini breakdown in the middle of the night wondering how the hell I’m going to cope. If it’s not child one waking up it’s the other & when they settle down it’s Matt’s snoring!

I’m have to remind myself that this is the only thing I have to achieve on a daily basis. I’m a full time mum first and foremost, does it matter if I don’t get out of my pyjamas?


Echoed through my head. Again and again! I  managed to emerge around 9.20, got showered with Isla. Isla has decided she wants to wear knickers so I’m on constant alert. I Brought down a nappy and a change of clothes in case of accidents. I was not optimistic. After washing, dressing and Freddie and managed to get a coffee, though I could have done with another. It barely touched the sides. I noticed Isla started biting her nails till she bleeds which is causing me no end of distress too.

By half eleven I had Made Spag Bol in the slow cooker. Obviously minus the pasta which will go on later. During this time Isla helped me by devastating the kitchen which is already covered in crumbs. She ate two rounds of white bread and a banana. Oh well at least she has some food in her. I still hadn’t managed to express any milk yet but I soldiered on and put a wash on & made myself a second coffee, all the while Freddie was none too happy in her pram. Surely babies sleep at some point?

Meanwhile I noticed Isla looked like no one owned her. her hair was all bedraggled and greasy despite me showering her this morning. She also wet herself & peed substantially all over the kitchen floor. I Mopped that up and attempted to drink my second morning coffee. Cold. At 2pm.

I finally nursed Freddie & she fell asleep, I need to master this swaddling thing.

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